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Endless corrugated cardboard is the ultimate and easiest way to wrap your products!

You are curious about how to pack your products cost-efficient, flexible, incredibly simple and safe for transportaion? Here is your answer: endless corrugated cardboard is the ideal material when packing manufactured or tailor-made goods – inexpensive, solid, environmentally sound and without unnecessary air-space. That is because the parcel will not exceed the size required for saftey reasons.

Whether you are interested in a technically simple support of your packaging workflow or an intelligent packaging machine almost devoid of human beings – we can present a competetive and flexible form of packaging.

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The principle of endless corrugated cardboard

The advantages of endless corrugated cardboard

The advantages of
endless corrugated cardboard

In zigzag stacking
Croppable to any
product length
Individually grooved
for all box dimensions

Lange Zuschnitte


Straight cut
or on request with
integrated top latch
In zigzag stacking
Cut to product length



With 2,3 or 4 latches
to seal the front side by
crimping or adhering

You can obtain our products with a single or double wave always based on your requirements.

Single or double wave


Flexible Packaging Solutions

With applying these flexible packaging solutions you
can reduce your packaging costs up to 50 percent.

Flexible Verpackungssysteme

Tailor-made packaging solutions “just-in-time“ have a strong impact on your packaging processes: the package always fits, reduces costs of manpower, lessens the material flow and the cost for logistics and production and so on.

Flexible Packaging Solutions
for boxes of any kind in small batch sizes

Flexible Packaging Solutions
for large goods

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