Have faith

Manufacturing solutions are not always suitable. They require a competent and professional analysis in every given case. Our partners and ourselves offer manufacturing solutions of which we are one hundred percent sure that they will generate the best value possible. Consumer satisfaction is more important to us then selling yet another machine.

With this philosophy our partners and ourselves approach every new business case and the positive reaction and success of the past years are our motivation to continue in this sense.

We are proud to offer:

  • Individual basic consulting, preferably at your location
  • Additional consulting and if necessary a first inspection of a machine in the CCP (“competence center packaging“); possibility of a workshop to build the suitable package for your goods
  • Break-even analysis (including evaluation of the present packaging and analysis of possible savings)
  • Planing a manufacturing solution at your plant
  • Our goods related quality consulting and attendance during the entire project
  • Implementation (construction, testing, programming based on your requirements) by our partners

We are happy to offer our advice and optional profit analysis anytime

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For over 48 years our name guarantees quality and trustworthiness.